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  • 欢迎光临广州赛莱数码科技有限公司官网

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    Professional technology, standardized management, pragmatic attitude, high-quality service

     Permanent magnet spiral machine technology leader

        0086-20 87045995

     Inkjet machine

    Fully intelligent drive, high precision printing

    UV flatbed printer

    Variable ink drop technology, direct printing of a variety of materials




    Mesh belt leather machine

    New research and development technology, stable material load-bearing

    Professional technology, standardized management, pragmatic attitude, high-quality service

     Permanent magnet spiral machine technology leader

    3 R & D strengths

    To be a pioneer in digital equipment technology

    Years of experience, well-known brands, printing equipment operating around the world

    3 major R&D strengths to create a pioneer in digital equipment technology

    Many years of experience, famous brand, printing equipment running all over the world

    Strong R&D team
    The company now has a strong R&D team, professional production and testing equipment sales personnel and one-to-one after-sales service team.
    Sound production system

    Every step of the production process will go through rigorous review and testing, and our company not only produces machines, but is also an agent of machine parts in our country. We have received good feedback from a large number of customers in the country, and try our best to achieve one-stop service, so that you have no worries.

    Customized according to user needs
    According to the different needs of users, we can specially develop and design the models that best meet the users.

    Why you choose Sailai Digital?


    WHY CHOOSE Sailai digital technology?


    Patent certification


    Won a number of national patent technologies

    Patent authentication


    Won a number of national patent technology



    Witnessed by more than 3000 companies



    More than 3,000 businesses bear witness

    Top ten brands


    China's top ten brands of electric motors

    Top 10 brands


    The top ten brands of inkjet printer in China

    Service Guarantee


    Provide you with one-stop service

    Service protection


    A one-stop shop for you


    24 hours + service, perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales

           Free installation guide

           On-site commissioning of the machine

          Routine monthly inspection

          Preventive maintenance

    Free Installation Guide

    On-site debugging machine

    Monthly routine inspection




    Excellent quality, quality is guaranteed!

    Direct purchase from Epson Company and Hansen Board Card Company in the world

    Introduce the most advanced and latest version of printing equipment and develop the highest quality machines.


    Committed to providing you with a more suitable photo machine

    Pioneer, comprehensive products

    Continuously develop and innovate more superior products. Among them, we are the first authorized agent of Epson's printheads, and the latest i3200 printheads are the first to be used, with more choices and reasonable costs.


    Sailai is a self-developed product

    Benefit customers to a greater extent!

    Enjoy the best price of the original factory, so we can provide products of better quality at the same price of similar products in the domestic market, and at the same quality, our price is better.

    Professional digital printing equipment

    Machine products and services are recognized by customers


    Brand certification

    30 years of qualifications, famous brand

    MAC devices operate all over the world

    Innovative R&D

    Independent innovation patent research and development

    "Energy Efficiency Star" product of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China

    Sales network

    Sales network all over the world

    Set up convenient service centers in various cities in China

    After-sales service

    Hundreds of service engineers nationwide

    24 hours to the site for maintenance and repair services

    company news

    Industry Information


    Whatsapp Qr Code

    WeChat Qr Code

    National Service Hotline:

    0086-20 87045995

    Contract:Eva Lin

    Phone Number:18027237812

    Wechat Number: Sailai29


    whatsapp Number:+86 18027237812

    Address: 18th Floor, Building 501, Yunjia Building, No.6 Yunjia Street, Yunjing Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province



    Guangdong ICP No. 16