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    Sailai Family Team Building Activity In October

    Author:Karin Click: Time:2021-02-20 16:16:54

    On October 25th, Sailai's warm and loving group building family group building activity

         The sun is warm, live up to the time, all the way forward, the future can be expected! On October 25th, all colleagues of Celai held a dinner party. Everyone laughed and expressed the harmony of the team. After long-term work cooperation, everyone has realized the importance of teamwork, and their hearts have become closer, and their feelings have become deeper. They opened up their hearts, talked freely, told about their past, listened to the voices of their peers, and the atmosphere of the scene increased. It's getting more and more harmonious. As everyone said,Sailai is an extremely outstanding and united team, overcoming all kinds of difficulties and challenges, and creating one miracle team after another.

       Because we are together, success depends on everyone's hard work. There is no perfect individual, only Sailai's perfect team.

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